Meetings and activities

17/02/2014 Kick-off meeting
22/08/2014 Follow-up meeting 1 at KBIN report Report_FollowUp1
15/09/2014 Siegfried Loose visits the aquarium facilities in Liège See pictures
06/10/2014 Visit CEFRA in Tihange See pictures
04/11/2014 Follow-up meeting 2 at ULg Report_FollowUp_041114
27/02/2015 Follow-up meeting 3 at Genomics Core (KULeuven) Report_FollowUp_27022015
08/06/2015 Expert meeting with Walter Salzburger at RBINS Report_Expert_Meeting_08062015
18/08/2015 Follow-up meeting 4 at RMCA (Tervuren) Report_FollowUp4_18082015
17/11/2015 Expert meeting with David Clayton Report_Expert_Meeting_17112015
18/05/2016 Follow-up meeting 5 at RBINS Report_FollowUp7_18052016
20/12/2016 Expert meeting with Chris Jiggins Report_ExpertMeeting_20122016
14/12/2017 Expert meeting with Hannes Svardal Report_Expert_Meeting_14122017
11/09/2018 Follow-up meeting at the Genomics Core (KULeuven)Report_FollowUp6
19/09/2018 Follow-up meeting at the Aquarium-Museum (University of Liège)Report_FollowUp6


All documents related to the project can be found here (partners only)